Ben Esposito - RE/MAX Real Estate Center


Trust Ben Esposito when you want to sell your house! He knows the market, and the trends. We started my sale at a higher list price, as there were few houses on the market at the time. I got lots of traffic, but no offers, while most other houses flew off in 2-3 weeks. Ben provided me with the stats of my area, and we discussed where the price needed to be reduced to. It was more of a reduction than I wanted, as I thought offers would be 10% less or more of the list price, but Ben convinced me that 1. in my area, buyers expect to pay at/over list and 2. the reduction would expand the potential buyer pool. I listened to Ben, and got an offer over list in 3 days, with another waiting if the first offer fell through. Best thing I did was listen to Ben's market and trend advice! Ben also made the home inspection requests a breeze! We went through the list, and I explained what I would or would not do. That was it! Ben handled it with the buyers agent, and voila - it was agreed to. Anytime I had a question or concern, I called or texted Ben and his support team, getting responses right away. The Selling Checklist, and their reminders, made sure all was in place for the close. Last buy not least, Ben was resilient. We initially came in contact about 1.5 years before I listed my house. I told him I was leaning to working with a realtor I had in the past. Ben asked if it was okay to check in with me every now and then to see if I had decided to sell my house and if I had selected a realtor. He kept his word! Whereas the other realtor never responded to my email that I was ready to sell soon (when they had come through the house the prior year, seemed to look at it in dismay (it did not have updates to open concept, tile floors, etc.)). Ben Esposito was always positive about my home, selling the potential of it with its very peaceful location. He truly believed he could sell it, and never indicated anything negative. I'd say that is key: choose the realtor who states the positives and potentials of your home. I did with Ben, and I couldn't be happier. ~ Diane Mahana

Ben Esposito proved to be an honest, straight forward partner to my wife Jo and myself the entire journey of selling the home that we raised our family in. He understood both the business end, as well as the emotional attachment we had to our HOME for 25 years. To me, this is what sets Ben above the other agents we considered. Both Ben, and Cindy, were always there with a solution to any problems we encountered. I would strongly recommend using Ben to get top dollar for your home as well as compassion for the personal moments involved with selling your home. ~Bob McCabe